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Privacy Policy

As one of the most reliable online custom essay writing service, Done-Essay always respects and values the clients' privacy and their confidentiality. Therefore, the company has established a strong privacy policy for its valued customers. We advise our clients to carefully read the following steps of the company's privacy policy and then place orders:

How We Use Client's Personal Information/Details?

The clients have to give his/her personal information while ordering. Such information isclient's name, telephone number,e-mail address, etc. All the information should be valid except the client's name, the client can put his/her assumed name as well. However, we maintain the client’s privacy and confidentiality in any case, so, don't be concerned about personal information.

  • The client's personal information is used to make smooth the order's process.
  • These details are used to make contact with the clients in the future to deliver the paper, to request for further requirements.
  • The company conveys its latest developments like discount offers, promotional deals, etc., by the collected client's email address or telephone number.
  • The collected details are also used to create a personal account on our website so that the company can know the client's needs and preferences.

The client's information are never be disclosed to or shared with any third party, person, institute, or parents.

Online Information

When a client visits our website, some details including Cookies, IP address, ISP information, keyword query, browser name, region, etc., are automatically saved by the company's website. Don't worry, this particular information is important because it lets the company to examine the overall site's performance.

The visitors can turn off the cookies from being preserved by the company's website, but this restricts the clients from openingsome important pages.

All Rights Reserved: Done-Essay has the absolute right to add or change its PRIVACY POLICY at any time.

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